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2016 Biennium CE Deadlines
  • 11-30-2018 Deadline to complete  
    courses & pay nonrefundable $20
    continuance fee
  • 12-1-2018 to 12-31-2018 Time
    period to correct any CE deficiencies
    by completing courses/paying
    nonrefundable $20 continuance fee
  • 1-1-2019 to 1-31-2019 $100 Late
    filing penalty period.
  • 1-1-2019 to 1-31-2019 CE Board
    appeal process period.
  • 2-15-2019 Terminate licenses
  • 2-16-2019 Begin applying for new
    license, must pass exam, submit
    current criminal history record report
    and pay nonrefundable licensing
  • 2-15-2019 to 3-15-2019 SCC
    appeal process period.
  • If license has ever been terminated
    due to CE non-compliance, agent
    will never qualify for future CE
    exemptions (eg. No exemption after
    20 yrs continuous licensure.)

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Virginia C.E. Deadline is 11-30-2018 - Enroll Now!

  • Life/Annuity Only
  • Health Only
  • Life/Annuity + Health
  • Personal Lines (PL)
  • Property and Casualty (PC)
  • Title
  • Consultant
  • PL or PC + any other Line
  • LA or H + any other Line
  • Title + any other Line

    Extra Credits properly filed for
    2018 are carried forward to satisfy
    requirements in the next biennium.

    There is now a three-hour "Ethics"
    requirement.  Laws and Regs (ILR)
    credits can be used to satisfy the
    Ethics requirement.  Extra ILR or
    Ethics credits are "wild card" credits
    that satisfy any requirements for
    any license type.

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    NEW Ethics requirement.
    Agents must complete at least
    three hours of Ethics.  Laws and
    Regs (ILR) credits can be applied
    to meet the ethics requirement.
    Extra ILR or Ethics credits are
    "wild card" credits that satisfy any
    requirements for any license type.

    At least 25% of credits must be
    sponsored. (You can't do all
    your CE "in-house.")

    For two licenses, at least eight
    hours of 24-hour total under  
    each license type.  Extra ILR
    credits are "wild card" credits that
    satisfy any requirements for any
    license type.

    New Agents are subject to the
    2018 CE deadline if license is
    issued in 2017 or earlier.  For
    those first licensed in 2018,
    credits earned may be filed
    during the current biennium to
    meet 2020 requirements.

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