If I fail, how long do I need to wait to retake a FINRA exam?

If you fail any FINRA exam you must wait thirty days before you can retake it. After the third
attempt, you must wait six months before retake.

The Financial Academy does NOT administer the exam. The exams are administered under
rigid standards and with tight controls at a designated FINRA testing center (such as
Prometric or PearsonVUE).  The Financial Academy prepares you for your exam with high
quality instruction and tightly focused textbooks and provides specific advice on how to
maximize your individual study efforts.

We get calls almost every day from people who have tried other methods for
months, sometimes years, and have failed the exam repeatedly.  They enroll in our
OnDemand 24/7 course and pass with confidence.

For Financial Academy graduates who follow ALL of our simple guidelines, the pass rates are
nearly 100% - much higher than the national averages.  Doesn't it make sense to really
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