Recent Student Comments

"In my 27 years of recruiting hundreds of producers, I have never
seen a better way to get prepared, study, and pass an exam in our
industry ever.  Trust me, I have used them all.  I would highly
recommend to any company or individual that is looking to acquire
an industry license to use you and your organization.

Simply, anything else would be just plain foolish!"

-- Dennis Tender,
Vice President of Sales,
Genworth Financial.

Henry J.
"[Ethics CE OnDemand] "
...very comprehensive, you explained that
DOL Regulation much better and gave me much more information
than I had before.  I did classroom two years ago, its just so
convenient to do it online, it's tremendous what you've done here!"

Blaire G.
"Everything was very clear and well explained.  I am looking
forward to expanding my capabilities as an advisor to my clients."

Matthew V.
"Great techniques for multiple choice and roman numeral questions.
Looking forward to taking the test wit these acquired skills."

Dusty D.
"The study material and sample tests are a valuable resource
during my preparation."

Brian L.
"I was extremely impressed by how thorough the course was.  
The course simplified and put into such easy to understand
terms that anyone can follow."

Kristen B.
"Although nervous coming in, I feel like all the info
was covered well beyond what I expected."

Joseph C.
"Very good test taking techniques; reviews really imprint the
material in your mind."

Shiela S.
"Informative and entertaining - all wrapped up in one!  I was
dreading "class"... assuming it would be boring but it
provided an amazing learning environment and an
unforgettable experience."

Tom M.
"Great presentation!  Very informative for someone trying to
obtain their license & succeeding!"

Megan B.
:Highly recommended!  I know I couldn't have taken this exam
with confidence without the expertise of Don.  This is
very much worth the fee and so much more."

Ryan S.
"The presentation was absolutely wonderful.  I took the exam
twice and failed (before attending the FA).  Now I have a
technique to pass thanks to the Financial Academy."

Patrick S.
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for your help
on the exam. ... I did the self study with a competitor
of your's and earned a 66 on my first pass.  
I took your 2 1/2 day video course and earned an 84.  
It is the absolute best that I have ever done on a FINRA exam,
including the 7, 24 and 63.  Thanks for your help.  
Your firm helped to take a huge weight off of my shoulders!"

Bill F.
"I've been diagnosed with ADD, Dyslexia, and narcolepsy
and I've never been so fired up to take an exam with
this amount of confidence."

Justin S.
"Test Taking methods were well thought out!  At the
beginning, I thought to myself there's no way I will learn this.
As the days went by, the information got easier and easier."

Michael A.
"The content was presented in a way that was easy followed
and the material kept building on itself."

Rusty T.
"This course reinforced what i did not know & laid out a
structure for my success in passing the exam."

Bill D.
"The course & instructor epitomize 'added-value.'  
First rate in professionalism, content and relevancy!  
Thanks for the high degree of attention and service."

Julie C.
"I have taken similar courses before in Real Estate.  This course
is far more geared toward learning the information,
then passing the test.  Although both are accomplished.  The
test taking techniques are exciting and will work for life."

Sue R.
"I had a great deal of fear & anxiety before taking the
course.  I now feel empowered and confident that I can pass
the test.  The structured program is work intensive
but does help you to master the material.  The TFQ is awesome."

Jean M.
"I knew I could not do the studying needed on my own.  After
completing this course, I feel confident that i have
learned the material and expect to pass the state exam.  Thank you."

Autumn P.
"I feel more comfortable after taking the class.  I think the
TFQ should be taught in schools as I feel students
could benefit from it everywhere."

Josh S.
"Every question was answered BEFORE it needed to be asked!"

Daniel R.
"This is an awesome program!  I can be a slow learner and have a
hard time paying attention to something for too long, but this program
is hard to lose focus with.  I am very confident that i will be prepared
come test day."

Patrick G.
"This course was very valuable for my insurance knowledge needs.  I
will recommend it for others in my company...  Thanks guys!"

Willie K.
"This course was outstanding.  I never thought I could learn so much
information about a subject I knew nothing about before.  I highly
recommend it if you are interested at all in the insurance business.  
Listen to everything you hear because they truly care about your
knowledge of the material."

Leanne E.
"I will recommend to others - great tool!  The TF? is a great
idea!  I wish someone would have shown this to me before
college. Quick and painless!"

Josiah P.
"A great course for anyone trying to get a license."

Jack H.
"I am very impressed with the way the course was taught.  
The instructor was very knowledgeable and went into great detail."

Philomina M.
"I have taken many classes previously from other
institutions.  However, there is none that beats the system
Financial Academy uses to teach students. They teach
you to master your profession and not just to get the license
like those other places do.  Thank you for your excellent system,
commitment to the students and guidance."

Nathan F.
"The fact that all the info is to the point really is amazing.
It is much easier to understand everything."

Theresa W.
"I found that the proctored multimedia was a very
good way to stay right on target and not get off the
lecture path.  There were no opportunities for interruptions
unless of course, you distract yourself."

Bryan R.
"As a former teacher, I applaud the techniques introduced and
reinforced throughout the course.  Great job!"

Rena G.
"I really enjoyed the class and like the set up how you
are being taught how to study for the test.  I think that will
help me a great deal."

Katy S.
"Excellent job in presentation.  Well thought out material.  
Don kept the course upbeat!"

Michelle W.
"I am a terrible test taker, so learning new test taking techniques
has helped greatly.  Packing all the material into just a few
short days is a great way to learn the material."

Judy L.
"“This is the best class I have ever been in.  Everything was
very direct and if you did not understand something it was
explained to you so you would understand it.”

Kathy D.
“Great class!  I feel confident I’ll pass on the first try!  
Thanks so much!”

Aaron E.
“It is comforting and a confidence builder to be in a
class that is so well organized and conducted for its students
from beginning to end.   It makes a person want to succeed
not only for their own self, but for those who worked
hard to prepare them.”

Angela E.
”I came in thinking the class was going to be boring & that
I would have a hard time concentrating on the material,
but I was proven wrong.  The class was informative, helpful
and entertaining at times and has made me feel better
prepared to take the exam.”

Sandy P.
"First time taking a class via  Multimedia -
was clear and explained topics well.  Practice worksheets and
computer tests were very helpful.  I feel confident in taking the
exam.  Thank you for all the support."

Tanya W.
"The technique is very valuable.  I will use it in the future testing."

Eureka T.
"The TFQ technique was unbelievable!  I went home
and explained it to my daughter who scored a 100% on her
benchmark test the next day (at school)!"

Erin A.
"I feel like I am better prepared and have a much stronger
grasp on the material than I would have had I reviewed
on my own."

Wayne L.
"Excellent training to start my new career in insurance
industry.  Thank you for your patience and assistance."

Kathy T.
"Exceptional training!   First class instructors
delivering informative training."

James C.
"I feel this course is mandatory for anyone who is interested
in the insurance business.  It gives you the foundation you
need to be prepared for testing for your license.  Don does
a great job with explaining and answers all the
questions and he is very knowledgeable ..."

George W.
"Everything was great!  The true/false solution truly does work.
Great job, guys."

Pearl A.
"This course was super.   It helped me to know what
I needed to study.  It also gave me a great model for studying
and preparing for the exam."

Jim G.
"Great Technique!  I will be using you in the future!"

Conrad T.
"I learned a new way to handle multiple choice questions.  
There is plenty of material to study and be prepared.  
I also enjoyed the humor from the instructor."

Barclay A.
"There is absolutely no way I would be able to effectively
prepare for this exam without the assistance of the Financial
Academy.  The knowledge of the instructors and the
thoroughness of the course are unmatched.  I will owe
the success of my future to Don.  A+!"

Chris F.
"This course is very well laid out and gives you the nuts
and bolts you need to pass the exam.  The instructor
keeps it fun to learn.   Definitely recommended."

James A.
"The presentations were informative and Don made
it about as enjoyable as possible;  I can't
believe all the tests I struggled to pass
(Series 7, 63, 65 & 8) and never heard of the
strategies you  taught!   Its Gold guys!"

Tyler M.
"The Course helped clear up a lot of questions.  
Very informative."

Phil S.
"Helpful & comprehensive.  I thought 'multimedia' might
be less than a live individual, but I discovered that
Don knows how to teach the material!"

Kylisa H.
"The test taking techniques are flawless!  You would be
tempted to answer without them without using the
T F Q technique.  DON'T!"

Kellie W.
I felt the training did a very good job of breaking down
the extensive coverage of the insurance business."

Kelly T.
"The process made everything clear.  
I look forward to taking my exam."

Juanita W.
"I love this class.  I had fun and now
I can pass my exam.  Thanks."

Bob S.
"Very well done.  I feel much more
confident about this test now than
before the class. "

Johnathan C.
"Very good class.  Better than some
of the classes I took in college."

Brittany S.
"Test taking strategies really do relieve anxiety.
I look forward to passing on my first try."

Erica B.
"The class was very well taught and informative.  I liked the
new test taking techniques and thought the instructors
were top notch!"

Luke P.
"I have forever struggled with Multiple Choice questions.  
TF? has completely altered how I view and approach
these questions, and I FINALLY feel confident
about answering them.  Great class!"

Yolanda A.
"The intensity was awesome and the test taking
techniques are superior.  I will use them and feel
confident that I'll pass on my first try!!"

Travis P.
"They give you the tools, you just have to use
them to build your achievement."

Sara E.
"This whole experience was very new to me considering I
did self-study for my Series 7 & 66.  If I could go back,
I would have saved myself months of studying
if I would have just come to the Financial Academy.  
Great course and highly recommended!"

Chris M.
"The class was great!  ...Well
organized & well presented!"

Jeff R.
"Class is very well put together.  
The multimedia demands 100% focus.  
I can't wait to use the TFQ method for
my exam and forever!"

Jen D.
"I felt the course was extremely helpful.  After doing the
pre-study, I was a little confused.  But after the first
day I was confident that if I followed the program,
I would definitely pass."

Clarence S.
"Well planned, great ideas on what to look for in questions that
will trip you up.  The true false technique is a great idea.  
Worth the money."

Mary D.
"Great enthusiasm for something that to you, is very repetitive.  
Book  without fluff is great!  Thanks for an educational week!"

Chris W.
"I thought the class and instruction was great.  I took this
class 11 years ago ... and it is much improved!!  Everything
you need is here.  I recommend the four day study."

Sonia K.
"This is the second licensing class I have taken here and
I believe this is the only way to learn the material.   
The T F ? technique takes the pressure off of you
when you don't know the answer or a question
doesn't make sense.  It lets you eliminate the
odd ball answer."

Mary R.
"Don is very energetic and motivating.  He provides
real life examples which help answer the questions
from the class."

Diane H.
"The best study and review techniques I have ever learned.  
I'm confident that I will be well prepared for the exam.  
I intend to recommend the course to a friend."

Gil T.
"Great guys...Really drills the information down and makes
you feel confident about the subject matter and taking the
state exam."

Krystal H.
"Very well taught!  Don answered all my questions.  I am
sure I will pass my test next Tuesday if I do everything they
told me to do."

Sara C.
"I really enjoyed being in this class.  Don is a great teacher
as well as a person.  Couldn't have asked for a more helpful
person.  Thank you very much."

Ashley G.
"The study techniques were extremely valuable for me
personally.  The entire course was highly educational
and definitely got my foot through the door in opening a
world to success."

Shelley C.
"Loved the Options Coverage (Series 7) ...Great material,
I am looking forward to finishing this!"

Bob S.
"Very good course.  Time segments
well laid out.  Well done!  Follow the plan -
The plan will not fail you!"

Michael S.
"Information was very concise and well taught."

Brenda B.
"The class well prepared me for the state exam.  
Reminder: When the instructor tells you to underline or
highlight, you can be sure it will be on the exam."

Robert B.
"A might not agree with the technique at first,
but believe me, the process works!"

Latoya C.
"This course was broken down to plain English in which it
allowed me to apply common sense for some of
the answers along with the elimination techniques
that was taught.  I do believe I will pass!"

Tracy E.
"Enjoyed the class.  The material was covered very well."

Robert B.
"A must course for those taking the licensing exams.  
The staff are passionate about not only teaching for
the exam but about industry knowledge."

Steve M.
"I feel very confident that I will be
successful on this Mother of all exams!"

John O.
"By the end of the week, I have a much greater knowledge of
the insurance business. ... I feel that with the few days I have
before test day, I have a great opportunity to pass."

James D.
"Overall the course was great.  I am very pleased that
Financial Academy was recommended to me.  The study and
test taking techniques were extremely beneficial.  The
condensed material made the class very efficient."

Christi V.
"This course has prepared me for success.  Once I study and
review I'm confident I will pass the exam.  Thanks for everything."

Fred L.
"I have learned study and test taking strategies that i wish I had
in all my previous educational experience."

Alison H.
"The class was very educational and is highly preparing me for
my test.  I am excited to do the post study and excited about taking
my test.  I would recommend the class to anyone that is going to
have a career in these fields."

Aundrea K.
"I was skeptical about this class before actually going through it.  
The instructors are excellent and very helpful.  I feel confident about
passing my exam with the techniques I learned this week!"

Steve P.
"don, you are great!  Motivator, helpful, great character, and
funny can all describe you!!  Thanks for giving me the
extra confidence in this system! I will follow everything Don said!!"

Donna M.
"Appreciated the sense of confidence instructor daily imparted
to class, as it helped to offset the sheer volume covered in
the 4 days."

Abby B.
"Coming into this class I had no real knowledge of the insurance
business.  Now I feel confident about my career change and I look
forward to taking the test with ease.  Thanks!!!"

Andrew W.
"Great experience as always!  My brain is full but I feel I will be
prepared to pass & more importantly know my stuff."

Maurice T.
"Coming into the class I wasn't expecting all the help and test
taking skills to help me pass.  But, I made it a point to do as Don said
and it worked out for the best.  I enjoyed all points of view
from Don and would recommend this to anybody.
Best class I have ever attended."

John S.
"Thank you Don.  Hard to put into the right words how you
both have affected my attitude toward learning.  You have helped me
walk away with a strong mindset and belief that I will succeed."

Douglas F.
"This class taught me more in four days than any school I've ever
attended has in an entire year.  It is quick and  effective -
without a doubt!"

Chris D.
"My advice to anyone getting licensed,
Financial Academy should be mandatory."

Kelly D.
"Don's enthusiasm is contagious and 'key words' help you
remember things were great....Don is the real deal.  He really
wants you to pass.  He cares about you and will listen to you
and your needs....I'm truly glad I attended and can't wait to
pass my test."

Casie V.
"This class was so helpful & inspirational.  Did a wonderful
job clearing up any unanswered questions.  I really do feel
prepared for the test.  Also, the T/F/? could have helped me in
grade school.  It is a wonderful system & really works.  
Thank you so much, Don."
“The best four days of education
and training I have ever received.  
I learned more in these four days
than I ever thought possible”
— Randy Wellford Jr., Attorney At Law
"Not since Moses came down and
presented the Ten Commandments
has there been such a great
presentation of information!"
- Tommy Streat
"I am very stubborn and was
extremely hesitant about taking a
multimedia course, to the point
that the Academy had to designate
a 'question answerer' for me
before I would even agree to take
the course.  After having taken the
Life & Health course in the live
format previously, I found that with
the multimedia version, my quiz
scores were higher & I left the
Academy feeling more confident
with my grasp of the material.  As
for the designated 'question
answerer' I didn't even need her.  
And I never would have believed it
if I didn't live it for myself."
- Lee Biedrychi, VADA

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"...this instruction is the best I’ve ever had
— including college level, masters level, real estate, LSAT, etc."
Ann Yarbrough, Assistant Director,
Student Baccalaureate program for Henrico County Schools.
“Excellent class. Having spent 23 years in education classes, this
one was far and away the best one I have ever taken - enjoyed it!"
— Whit Minefee., D.Ed.
“I took my first class under (a different school) closest to my home
& failed the exam 3 times...I passed the first time after
taking your course”
— Elaine S.
“I had always thought insurance was boring until now.
Thanks for making things clear and interesting!”
— Tiffany Wittersheim
“...thoroughly enjoyable. Everything was easy to understand and
the presentation was fantastic (very dynamic)”
— Cam Morin
“Excellent...I never thought I’d learn so much so quickly...”
— J.L. Dyson
“The presentations were consistently clear, informative, and lively.
The instructor’s conscientious concern for students’ success and
compliance with course requirements was always in evidence.
Also, I admired the obvious concern for and recognition of ethical
practice in insurance transactions. The course was excellent...”
— G.R. Wright, Atty.
“I preferred the Multimedia class. It allowed me to
direct and focus my complete attention...not bothered by
usual classroom disruptions.”
— Jessica Cox, Nationwide
“I’ve had prep courses for pilot’s license and real estate
—this was the best.”
— W.H. Poarch
“...course material was well organized and easy to follow.
I feel well prepared for the state examination”
— Karen P.
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“...sticks to the subject at hand but makes learning fun.”
— Lisa Tanner
“It really makes a difference when an instructor knows and likes
what he or she is doing. Keep up the good work — your
enthusiasm helped me through and made learning fun!”
— Stephanie Williams
“(Proctored Multimedia) was the best classroom instruction I
have ever had. — Instructor was bright, well-educated and
extremely funny.”
— Susan B. Rekowski
“I feel good going into this exam”
— Thomas Hurt
“I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have already recommended the
class to two other people.”
— Gary Strong
“...the preparation was sensational and I feel more than
confident about the licensing exam.”
— Dave Ross
“Instructor provided emotional support throughout the session
...reassured you and encouraged you to work hard. It’s good to
know there’s someone out there who cares about me being
successful...I am truly glad I came through your class...helped
me feel secure in burning the bridges and taking a chance
for something I believe in”
— Demetria Starks
“I was very impressed with the instruction and text/course
materials. It was presented in a manner that was easily
understood by a diverse group with many levels of
educationand experience.”
— Shawn Butler Holten
“I really appreciate how seriously you take the ethical portion
of an agent’s job & how you weave that into the material.
Material is well structured w/appropriate balance of content
& test prep & ethics!  Thanks!”
— Kathy Merry
“One of the most with-it instructors I’ve ever had. He understands
not only how to teach but how people learn. This material is
extremely tough for the layman and it takes a special teacher to
present it in a clear way. Excellent instructor!”
— Mark F.
“This class was very encouraging and very informational. The
instructor was patient and very consistent with his teaching. I will
definitely take another class from this Academy”
— Connie Laury
“This class was tons of fun!  I feel so much better about taking
the exam!  I will definitely send other people to you!  
Keep up the good work!!”
— Toni Rivera
What will you say after you pass your exam?
“The Series 6 & 63 courses were exceptional! The Instructor has
a gift for creating memorable mental images which make
the exam and subsequent professional practice easier for
the student. I strongly recommend The Financial Academy to
anyone  seeking the skills and knowledge needed to pass
the Series 6 & 63 and to ethically and competently
provide financial services.”
— Bob Hines, Jr., Esquire
“Much better than the first time I took the P&C class with
a different company 5 years ago.”
— M. Shawn McGhee
“We have started sending people your way now since you
have done such a good job with some of our other people.”
— Danny Denton
“I have been to others. They do not come close to this course
of instruction!”
— Owen Fields
“Instructor very knowledgeable...enjoyed teaching style. Was
afraid that video would not be effective.  I was very wrong, video
was great.  Enjoyed the class...Would recommend this school
to anyone”
— Steven Hawley, Jr.
“I have already recommended your class to at least 6 others.
I also recommended to my G.A. (General Agent) that he send
all new agents to you.  Thanks so much!!”
— Katharine Tharp
“Exceeded all of my expectations. I feel extremely confident
going in ...Thanks for all the help!”
— Brent Powell
“You are the bestest!!! I always recommend Financial Academy
to new associates. You make concepts easy to understand and
apply to the “real world”
— Laura Ambielli Langford
“It (proctored multimedia class) was one of the best learning
experiences that I have ever had (Masters + 30 hours).
You get the best teaching from every section...
— Anonymous Series 6 participant
“I especially liked the fact that we were given methods for
studying and taking state exam.”
— Judy Shackleford
“Instructor & administrator were excellent. This course was
superior to the bar review course I used to pass the bar exam.”
— S.W., Attorney
“Far surpasses the teaching ability or any teacher I have ever
encountered in grade schools or college classes. Remained
extremely in control of class. Excellent instruction techniques,
kept class attentive. Keep up the good work!”
— Thomas J. Keele
“Thanks, what a great positive, enthusiastic introduction into
a new career. I think I’m actually excited about starting work!”
— Keith M.
Copyright Financial Academy