Here's what a recent client from New York had to say after completing our
OnDemand 24/7 course and passing his Virginia exam on first-try:

    "...In my 27 years of recruiting hundreds of producers, I have never seen a better
    way to get prepared, study, and pass an exam in our industry ever.  Trust me, I
    have used them all.  I would highly recommend to any company or individual that
    is looking to acquire an industry license to use you and your organization.

    Simply, anything else would be just plain foolish!"

    -- Dennis Tender,
    Vice President of Sales,
    Genworth Financial.

How is the Financial Academy different?

The "old-school" approach was to suffer through worthless pre-license
training, somehow pass a test, then "forget all that, and we'll show you how
the business is done." This "old-school" attitude created a lot of job turnover
and individual disappointment.

The Financial Academy approach is vastly different. We believe that product
knowledge is extremely important for successful financial professionals. We
know that strong pre-license training helps you "hit the ground running," and
makes your company product and sales training easier. Several Financial
Academy graduates have gone on to become national top producers for
their companies.

Financial Academy courses are conducted in strict compliance with all
licensing laws and regulations and follow the exam specifications published
by the licensing authority. The courses are updated as exam requirements

The people we see easily passing the exam with confidence are those
following all of our simple guidelines and using our study materials
The question to consider is whether or not you should
take a Financial Academy course or some other school?

In other words, what are the Financial Academy exam pass rates?

In Virginia, the overall success rate for the insurance exam is about 50%
across all pre-license study course providers. As a result, the Bureau of
Insurance strongly recommends that you complete a study course prior to
sitting for the exam.  

For Financial Academy graduates who follow all our simple guidelines,
first-try pass rates are
nearly 100% - significantly higher than the statewide
averages.  We are able to achieve this due to our longevity in the business,
vast experience in pre-license training and the systematic approach of our
on-demand 24/7 classes!

Since the exam costs $51 every time you take it, doesn't it make sense to
master the material and gain a first try pass?
OK, so you're different.  
How successful are you at getting people through the license exam?
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