How do I get my Insurance License?

..1.  ENROLL in a pre-license study course.

..2.  Decide to do this with determination and professionalism.

..3.  Complete your Financial Academy OnDemand 24/7 pre-license course.

..4.  Complete all POST-STUDY ACTIVITIES as advised by your instructor.

..5.  Schedule your exam at within 3-5 days of
......course completion.

..6.  Achieve a score of 70% or more on your license exam.

..7.  Request a Criminal History Report from the Virginia State Police.
.......This must be filed with your Insurance License Application.

..8.  Submit your Insurance License Application to the Bureau of
.......Insurance with your criminal history record attached.  Remember to include
...... all application fees (no personal checks).

..9.  If approved, your license is effective when you receive it in the mail.

.Enroll in the OnDemand 24/7 pre-license course now!
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