Financial Academy exam pass rates are nearly 100% for graduates who follow ALL
of your simple guidelines.  Why are statewide pass rates averaged for all other
providers only about 50%?

The purpose of the exam and licensing process is to protect the public from individuals who
do not know their stuff!  Virginia exams are thorough, and cost $51 per attempt. If you fail
three times, you must wait thirty days before you retake the exam. The exams are
administered under rigid standards and with tight controls at a designated
testing center.  The statewide pass rates for all pre-license training providers averaged
together is only around 50%.  

For Financial Academy OnDemand 24/7 graduates who follow all our simple
guidelines and use our plain English materials exclusively the pass rate is nearly
100% on first-try.
 Financial Academy has helped thousands of people pass these exams -
many after they used other study courses and failed.  Doesn't it make sense to have the
best pre-license training you can get?

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