A Life and Annuities license is required to sell permanent and term life
insurance, credit insurance and fixed annuities products.  

Health Insurance license is required to sell HMO, major medical,
Medicare supplement, disability income and long-term care insurance.

These licenses can be obtained separately, or both can be applied for
following the completion of the
"Life and Annuities and Health
pre-license study course and the combined exam.

Two-day course + pass one test + application = Two licenses

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What can I do with a
Life and Annuity & Health Insurance License?
The Life & Annuity & Health Insurance Course consists of three stages:
1.  OnDemand 24/7 Insurance Basics and Regulations to
prepare you for the State-Specific portion of your exam.

2.  Two-day OnDemand 24/7 course covering the
and Annuity and Health Insurance

3.  Intensive and focused post-class review (normally
.....1 - 3  days) including completion of website content
.....and plenty of sample questions.
The Fastest Start in Financial Services
.Life & Annuity & Health Insurance Course
Exam Guidance
The compact Life, Annuities & Health
Insurance course design lends itself to a
5-6 day course completion cycle.  Most
students complete the in-home review
and take the state license exam
within 5-7 days of course start.