I have heard the exam is tough, is this true?

The purpose of the exam and licensing process is to protect the public from individuals
who do not know their stuff! The exams are administered under rigid standards and
with tight controls at a designated PearsonVue testing center.

In Virginia, the overall success rate for the insurance exam is about 50%. As a result,
the Bureau of Insurance strongly recommends that you complete a study course prior
to sitting for the exam. For graduates who follow all of our simple guidelines using our
study materials exclusively, the
Financial Academy pass rates are nearly 100% -
much higher than the statewide averages.

The Financial Academy does NOT administer the exam. The Financial Academy helps
prepare you for your exam with high quality instruction using the most focused
textbooks in the industry (The plain English textbook) and guides your additional study.

Doesn't it make sense to have the best pre-license training you can get?

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