What is Financial Academy OnDemand 24/7?

You will be participating in the best class we’ve ever done. We call it a
Multimedia OnDemand experience and it is available only through The
Financial Academy, no one else has it.  

We’ve taped many of the seminars we’ve done over the years.  What we are
going to do is put you in
the best class we've ever done.  The class is
presented in a multimedia format, and there’s an instructor assigned to you to
make sure every question you might have gets answered.  Bottom line is,
every question you have will get answered.
The Fastest Start in Financial Services
For example, in our Property Casualty OnDemand 24/7, you are in a class
where everyone in the room passes on the first try. One reason it is so
effective is that you are able to focus entirely on the course content with no
distractions.  The Multimedia OnDemand 24/7 class is just awesome – it flat
out works!

Make sure you check out the “
Client Comments/Testimonials” link to see what
previous students thought.

At the Financial Academy, you will get everything you need to easily pass
your  license exam, with some focus and a little bit of additional review.  
Doesn't it make sense to have the best pre-license training you can get?

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